A Smart Home for Technology Lovers

A Smart Home for Technology Lovers

The concept of a smart house has taken over the properties, thus making them more efficient. Through the use of new technologies, some basic functions of the home can be programmed, such as turning on the air conditioning or turning off the light in a room.

This technological transformation is also known as Smart House, which is gradually entering people’s lives, similar to what was originally done with smart phones or Smart TVs. With this mode, you can control and monitor the house at any time, through the use of applications will begin to have a better experience in the home.

Simple steps to a smart home:

Search for a purpose

Before you buy any smart home device, you should think about the goal you want to achieve. A first option to find the answer is to think about what you want to improve. If you want to keep your home controlled from a distance, it’s best to invest in a security system rather than circuit breakers.

Think of the versatility of the application

If you don’t have a specific need to cover and just want to put into practice how easy it is to have a smart home, you can choose devices that have multiple functions. Also, you can start with something small and build around that the rest of the applications you want to have.

Seek to automate, not control

Beyond wanting to manage the lights or curtains with the cell phone, you must seek to automate some processes. This means that the “house” is the one that will carry out an action under some pre-established conditions, that is to say, if the temperature drops to about 10 degrees, automatically, the heating system will be activated until the environment is regulated.

Gadgets that help you have a smart home

Nest Nest Thermostat

Nest is a programmable thermostat controlled by an application. If you are looking for a simple way to regulate the temperature in the home, this device is always learning what is the best feeling for the environment. Although at first it only provides the “on and off” function, over time functions such as “turning on the boiler” or “controlling the temperature” will become available.

Google Home: a voice assistant

Google Home is a range of intelligent speakers that every home needs. There are two models on the market, a Standard and a mini version. Its installation is very simple, just connect the horn to an electrical outlet, turn it on and download the application, which is available for both Android and iOS.

One of the most interesting features of this device is its ability to recognize voices thanks to Voice Match, which allows you to distinguish the people who address it. So, if you have more than one affiliate account, the speaker will be able to tell who’s talking to you and also allow each user to have a personalized experience.

Sentri, a security system

Sentri is a tool that allows you to take care of your home from a distance through a system of videos, motion sensors and other controls. Its operating system is compatible with smart phones, which will allow access and control all the functions that Sentri has.

On the other hand, it constantly sends information to the user about the status of their home; things as simple as knowing if the lights were left on or if the main door was locked, can be known almost instantly. In addition, it is capable of interacting with other intelligent devices such as Nest Thermostats or Intelligent Floodlights.

Homey takes control

For an intelligent home with multiple computers connected to a WiFi network, you must have a control center that can interact remotely with a large number of systems, such as lighting, temperature, security, among others. The power of this small sphere makes it possible to connect to more than 30,000 different devices. To perform all its functions, Homey uses automated commands called Homey Flow.

An intelligent house is made up of those devices that gradually learn the optimal functioning of the devices that make up the rooms. It is necessary, in principle, to plan very well what you want to achieve and then acquire all the gadgets that allow to automate the basic functions of the home.


In addition, it can control televisions and sound systems that are not intelligent, because it has an infrared system. This is part of its eight wireless functions, so perfect synchronization will always be maintained.