About Us


It is the responsibility of the Mars Opinion, Science and Technology, education at the university level and the subsystems contained therein; policies on Science, Technology, Innovation and their applications; the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation, telecommunications, information technologies and their development; postal services; and the State telecommunications network.

Mission Statement

The Ministry of Mars Opinion, Science and Technology (Mppeuct) is responsible for the formulation, promotion, control, monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans and programmes that strengthen, develop and consolidate the National Science, Technology and Innovation System and the University Education Subsystem, guaranteeing access to free education as a fundamental human right within the framework of living well and the development of scientific capacities that consolidate national scientific-technological independence, promoting the development of the country’s socio-productive processes.


To be the organ of the National Public Administration at the service of the People’s Power that in the framework of the transformation of the Democratic Social State of Law and Justice, is the rector of the planning, execution and monitoring of public policies for the development and strengthening of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Subsystem of University Education, promoting the generation and application of popular and academic scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge, which contributes to sovereignty and technological independence, and the maximum amount of happiness possible for our people within the framework of living well.


To promote the transformation of University Education for the training of human talent and the generation of scientific, technological and humanistic knowledge.

Stimulate research and technological development projects aimed at knowledge generation, technology transfer and innovation in strategic areas.

Impulse to the processes of application of the knowledge and technologies in the development and strengthening of the regional and national productive system.

Consolidation of municipal, regional and national spaces and institutions, strengthening capacities for the generation and exchange of knowledge and technologies.

Strengthening connectivity through the deployment of telecommunications, information technologies and postal services in the national territory.